hospitality industry english exercises


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 Food & Beverage (restaurants, cafes, bars, catering, etc.)
 Hotel Industry (hotels, resorts, spas, etc.)
 Travel/Tourism (travel agents, tour guides, flight attendants, etc.)
 Politeness Training (the right way to speak to customers/guests in English)



A collection of other ESL/ELL websites that you might find useful. If you would like to do a link exchange, please let us know. Please note that we only do link exchanges with sites that have relevant content. - ELL portal with a great variety of exercises (grammar and vocabulary), as well as video-based listening comprehension practice, lists of idioms and phrasal verbs, and much more.'s online ESL shop - Great ESL worksheet packages at cheap prices! Ideal for both teachers and students. - Reading comprehension practice, ESL listening comprehension through media, a great ESL blog, a good, updated American slang section. - A good collection of Business English exercises organized by topic, plus a media-based listening comprehension section. - Over 180 free downloadable handouts/worksheets for ESL teachers and students. - Spanish grammar and vocabulary tests and resources. (Polish grammar and vocabulary tests) - English and French language learning resources for learners and teachers, edited by Linda Thalman. - Lots of ESL links, plus a good collection of other resources for ESL students.

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