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ENGLISH FOR RESTAURANT WORKERS (waiters, waitresses, servers)
topic: Talking with customers: Questions and answers 1

Practice English with us! This exercise is for restaurant service staff. It will help you to communicate better in English. A customer wants some information from you. Choose the most natural-sounding response:

1. Do we have to wait to be seated?
  Yes, the hostess will seat you.
  I'll get you some menus.
  Yes, how can I help you?

2. What do you recommend?
  Our specialty is grilled trout.
  All of our entrees come with fries.
  What would you like to drink?

3. This soup is cold.
  I'll get you some bread.
  Would you like some dessert?
  I'm sorry. I'll get the chef to warm it up for you.

4. We reserved a table under the name (of) Brown.
  I'm sorry, there's noone here by that name.
  Please follow me. I'll show you to your table.
  Do you have a reservation?

5. Can I get a salad with that?
  Yes, we have salads on the menu.
  I recommend the salad.
  Yes, all of our entrees come with a choice of soup or salad.

6. Where's your restroom? ( = toilet)
  It's down the hall to the right.
  Yes, you can use the restroom.
  Please follow me. I'll show you to your table.

7. This steak is well done. I ordered it rare.
  I'm sorry, I'll get the chef to make you another one.
  You can have your steak rare, medium, or well-done.
  Is your steak not cooked all the way through?

8. Can I get a refill?
  I'll bring you the bill right away.
  Would you like another Coke?
  Yes, I'll be right back with that.

9. Do you guys accept Visa?
  Yes, you can pay cash.
  Please pay at the cash register.
  Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

10. Should I leave the money with you?
  No, please pay at the cash register.
  Yes, we accept all major credit cards.
  It's our policy.


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